Staffie Smiles Rescue Photo Show

Staffie Smiles Rescue Photo Show

Posted on 22nd Aug 2017

I am a volunteer with Staffie Smiles and my main role is in fundraising.  One of my main tasks this year and last was organising our Dog Show which we have as part of the local Highland Games in September.  Nikki Dutton is our Fundraising Co-ordinator and she and I were trying to think of some new ideas.  We decided to hold an Online Dog Show!  The first task before you can have any kind of dog show is, of course, to find a judge.  I decided to ask Audrey Hubery, as she is very involved with Stafford rescue and has also judged the breed at Crufts, which I knew would be really exciting for people.  Luckily Audrey said she would be delighted to judge our show! Phew!


We held the show on our Auctions and Fundraising Facebook Group.  I created an advertising poster for the show and posted it on the Group, asking people to post their photographs in the comments.  The prize was a canvas of the winning photograph. People paid £1 per photograph to enter.  Anyone thinking about doing the same can learn from what I didn't do!  If doing it again I would use a dedicated PayPal address, as it was quite tricky for the girls in the money department to sort it all out.

When the closing date came we were completely overwhelmed, we had well over 100 entries!  The most amazing thing was, a generous person had donated £50 Prize Money, so we divided this between 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  I saved all of the photographs into a document and gave each an entry number.  I saved it as a PDF to make it smaller to send to Audrey but we nearly had a calamity when she only got the first couple of pages!  When she had all of our beautiful entries she began her difficult task.  We had various categories and prizes then had a Best in Show and a 2nd and 3rd overall. The winners of each category got a rosette, I had stickers printed for the centres with the Staffie Smiles Logo and 'Photo Show' and recycled rosettes that I had at home.  The Big One for Best in Show was provided by Rosie's Recycled Rosettes (Rosie Walters), a lovely lady I know through Irish Wolfhound Rescue (my boy Digger is an honorary Wolfhound!)


I think you will agree that our winner was a cracking photograph saying everything about our amazing breed and the relationship Staffords have with their people!  Our very kind winners, all of them, donated their prize money back to the rescue. So in total we raised over £150 which meant that more dogs could be saved.


This is something that was great fun, only cost people £1 if they wanted and raised a good sum for the rescue.  We will definitely think about doing it again!  The Nursery Class in the school where I work did a Photo Pet Show a few weeks after and I am pleased to say that one of the winners was a Stafford!