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Please note that each regional group will have its own rehoming procedures, but below is a generic overview of what you can expect from this process.

In order to rehome one of our dogs, a representative from one of our regional groups will contact you to discuss the information you have provided and your requirements, in order to help you rehome the dog that best suits you.

In most cases, we will conduct a home check to ensure that your home and lifestyle are suitable for rehoming a dog. We will consider things such as your property and garden, your family (for example any young children), how long the dog may be left alone, and any other pets which you may own.

Once a dog has been identified, we will introduce it to you, probably in its current environment, to ensure that you are a good match. When taking the dog, most groups will ask for a donation which helps them recover some of the feeding, kenneling and veterinary costs they have incurred whilst the dog has been in their care.

Each group will offer advice and support once you have rehomed a dog, and most will arrange a follow up visit to ensure that both you and the dog are happy.

Please note:

We cannot guarantee that a dog seen on this, or one of our member's websites will be suitable for a prospective new owner.

Although each group will try to assess a dogs behavior and temperament, we cannot accept responsibility for the behavior of any animal once it has been rehomed.

Whilst every effort is made to keep lists of available dogs up to date, they should be used for guidance only. Please contact a group directly for current information.

As a responsible charity, it is our policy to neuter our dogs and spay our bitches.

We can only consider applications from people over the age of 18 years old.

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